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What People Say

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International Soloist

"Mary's voice and nuance are

 absolutely stunning."

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Director, Producer,

two-time Emmy nominee

"Mary's voice has a silky, real quality not overly forced like other trained singers. There is a flow of instrument, voice and message. 

Excellent teacher for all levels."

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Director, Sage Cottage Preschool, White Rock, NM

"Kids love Mary. She's great

with all ages." 

About Me


At five years old, I had such a desire to make music that I would sit at my friend's piano pounding away searching for the secret music within it. Her mother pleaded with mine,"For our sanity, please give Mary piano lessons!" And so my life with music began...piano lessons, singing lessons, rehearsals, recitals, musicals, madrigals, choir. Learning, practicing, failing, succeeding. Through it all, the love of music carried me along...

I became a professional musician and actress in my late teens performing in musicals throughout Los Angeles during some months and singing as the lead vocal in a touring pop band during the remaining months of the year.

Wanting more training, I was thrilled when I was accepted into the University of Southern California's Department of Dramatic Arts at a time when John Houseman, co-founder of Julliard, was the department head.


Four years of acting and vocal coaching from exceptional teachers in USC's Fine Arts Program provided me a good foundation in the basics and and an understanding of some nuances of acting and music performance.

While there, I was a member of USC's repertoire troupe competing in Scotland's Edinburgh Festival. I was a cast member in the British Premiere of the musical "Follies" which earned us a Fringe First award and the presence of a member of the British Royal Family.


In addition, my starring role in "Birdbath" produced a rave review, "Mary E. Walker [now Walker Morton] is breathtakingly brilliant...See Birdbath at all costs."

That was my start. Fast-forward to today, I am a vocalist and composer as well as a teacher and coach for both voice and acting.


Here's what industry leaders and innovators are saying about my music today...


       - "Life is A Song written and performed by Mary Walker Morton is a beautifully rendered,             smokey blues ballad that is a welcome contemporary blast from the past."

         Steve Cuden, Co-Creator of Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical, soon to be a motion picture.

       - "Beautiful."

         Vic Bullock, Writer, Director, Producer of Stage, TV and Film, Emmy award winner. 

       - "Splendidly nuanced vocals with a wonderful arrangement."

         Randy Johnson, Creator & Director of Tony-nominated, A Night with Janis Joplin.


Singing Lessons!

"After a few lessons with Mary, my daughter took songs from sounding good        to professional. To put it simply, I was wowed.


    Being no stranger to music instructors, I have been impressed by Mary's              voice knowledge as well as teaching style and her ability to connect with              young and mature students."

          Ben Lucker

"Mary has enabled my daughter's passion for singing to grow even greater           than I knew was possible. It's such a delight to hear my daughter's voice             developing more and more each week.

     Mary's high-level voice instructions couples perfectly with her                               encouragement and enthusiasm. Mary's patient and peaceful presence                 provides the comfort in which my daughter can thrive."

          Kimberly Pullium, Counselor, Aspen Elementary

"Highly recommend."

          Randy Johnson, Creator and Director of Tony- nominated A Night With                  Janis Joplin


"After earning degrees in both voice and music education, Mary is the best          voice teacher I have ever had."

         Heather McCulloch

- "Mary is an amazing teacher. Her extensive experience in the arts provides an      in-depth education for any passionate student." 

         Daisy Nichols, art teacher and mother

- "I've only been taking vocal lessons with Mary for one month and already I            feel more confident when singing and less nervous when I perform in front of      others. Mary has a real talent of honing in on each of the goals you want to          reach and how to get you there. I feel like I now have a better understanding        of how to use my voice as an instrument and how to take care of it. My                  lessons with Mary have taken my voice to a healthier, stronger and happier          place and I am so thankful we have someone as gifted as Mary is here in our        community!"

         Christine Armenion, singer and actress

- "I have been working with Mary for over a year now and have found her                 teaching style to be extremely effective. Through my work with her, my vocal       technique has improved drastically. I’ve been able to improve a lot of issues       with vocal placement that I was having prior.

  "Mary is extremely personable and creates a light, yet productive atmosphere       in lessons. For anybody who is interested in learning/improving their singing,     I would highly suggest working with Mary."

   Isaiah Martinez, Malvolio in Los Alamos High School's Twelfth Night 2019,           former member of Schola Cantorum

 "I have been working with Mary for about 2 years now. When starting, I had the    goals of one day being accepted into the top high school choir and being cast    as a lead in the high school musical. With Mary's help, I achieved both of              those goals this year.

 "Mary has taught me how to sing more effectively, with the use of breathing          techniques, better posture, confidence and so much more!

  "Not only is she a great teacher, but she is also a great person - thoughtful           and fun to work with.

  "I am grateful to have had such an amazing voice teacher."

   Kari Mason, lead Los Alamos High School's 2020 musical, former member of       Schola Cantorum

If you sing or would like to learn how to sing, come join me online through Zoom, Skype or Facetime for personalized singing lessons or vocal coaching.


Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced singer...child, teen or adult, we can expand your skills, bolster your confidence and further your singing and performing goals whether you prefer Musicals, Pop, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Classical, Blues or Country.

Acting lessons and Audition Coaching are available as well.

Lessons & Coaching are $65 per hour (tax is included). The first hour lesson is free so we can get to know each other!


To schedule your one-on-one session with me, call or email with the info below...

I look forward to singing (or acting!) with you.


Contact Me

Tel: 805-794-3388


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